The Entrepreneurial CPA Podcast

Pricing During The Great Suppression

April 22, 2020

Adding to the challenges accountants and advisors are faced with today is the age old question, do you or don't you charge for your services. If you charge for them, what do you charge, how do you price the service, the client, what is the positioning you should use?

We brought on a special co-host to help answer those questions and more, Ed Kless meta-consultant from Sage, global expert on all things related to pricing and value. Get the insight you need to find success in these challenging times and understand how to price your service during the great suppression as Ed calls it.

Understand these key concepts:
How to price services
RIP hourly billing
Subscription services are the future
Do the right thing for the customer
Start subscription services now with a monthly amount for a covid-19 package
Follow the direct primary care model
Flanking products are critical right now
Don’t say discount - promotional/preferred price
Avoid get rich quick schemes
Getting ready for recovery? Learn the question to start asking your clients now.
Anxiety vs. creativity a little ying vs. yang

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